Papers are solicited on the following and related topics: 

Sensor Technology

·         Accelerometers, Inclinometers and Gyroscopes
·         Mechanical Sensors  
·         Optical Sensors
·         Optical Fiber Sensors

·         Photonic Sensors
·         Biological, Chemical Sensors, Immunosensors and BioMEMS
·         Temperature Sensors
·         Pressure Sensors
·         Acoustic Sensors
·         Electromagnetic Sensors
·         Gas Sensors
·         Humidity Sensors
·         Infrared Sensors, Devices and Thermography
·         Radiation Sensors
·         Robot Sensors
·         Multi Sensor Fusion Technology
·         Smart and Intelligent Sensors
·         Virtual Sensors
·         Sensor Interfacing and Signal Conditioning
·         Sensor Calibration
·         Nanomaterials and Electronics Technology for Sensors
·         Semiconductor Materials for Sensors
·         Polymer Materials for Sensors
·         MEMS and NEMS
·         Remote Sensors and Telemetry
Instruments and Measuring Technology

·         Metrology and Measurement Science
·         Methods of Measurements
·         Calibrations and Standards
·         Measurement of Electrical Quantities
·         Time and Frequency Measurements
·         Measurement of Force, Mass, Torque, Inclination and Acceleration
·         Magnetic Measurements
·         Hardness Measurements
·         Measurement of Geometrical Quantities
·         Temperature and Thermal Measurements
·         Pressure and Vacuum Measurements
·         Vibration and Noise Measurement
·         Flow Measurements
·         Chemical Measurements
·         Quantum Measurements and Photonics
·         Acoustics and the Ultrasonic Measurements
·         Environmental Measurements
·         Power and Energy Measurements
·         Measurement of Human Functions
·         Measurements in Biology and Medicine
·         Mathematical Tools for Measurements
·         Optical and Radiation Measurements
·         Microwave Measurements
·         Virtual Instruments and Data Acquisition Systems
·         Software Measurements
·         Measurement Systems
·         Distributed Measurements
·         Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital and Mixed Signal Processing
·         Waveform Analysis and Measurements
·         Scientific and Industrial Instrumentation
·         Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT
·         Experimental Mechanics
·         Measurement in Robotics
·         Metrology in Food and Nutrition
·         Intelligent and Computer Vision Instruments
·         Reliability of Instrument and Measurement Systems
·         Nanometrology
·         Technical Diagnostics and Testing
·         Nondestructive Testing
·         Education and Training in Measurement and Instrumentation

Automation and Control

·         Components and Technologies for Control
·         Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) 
·         Control System Modeling and Simulation
·         Fuzzy-logic and Artificial Neural Networks in Control Systems
·         Industrial Automation
·         Automated Manufacturing Systems
·         Linear Control Systems
·         Non-linear Control Systems
·         Optimal Control
·         Robust Control
·         Distributed Parameter Systems
·         Telematics
·         CAD / CAM / CIM / SCADA
·         Network Control and Security
·         Web-enabled Manufacturing Control and Wireless Automation
·         Computers for Control
·         Computational Intelligence in Control
·         Information Control in Manufacturing
·         Intelligent Traffic Control
·         Chemical Process Control
·         Control in Agriculture; Biological and Medical Systems
·         Modeling and Control of Environmental Systems
·         Education and Training in Automatic Control and Systems
·         Scientific objectives for future missions
·         Scientific results for those missions that have flown
·         Instrument design requirements to meet mission objectives and the resultant design and implementation experiences
·         Sensor technology challenges in meeting instrument requirements
·         Instrument and sensor integration challenges and experiences
·         Planned and required enabling technologies

Remote Sensing Fundamentals

·         Radiometry and energy throughput
·         Imaging
·         Fundamental limits to IR imaging, including detector quantum noise and background limit
·         Stray light considerations, including analysis, signal-to-noise, and instrument performance limitations
·         Instrument calibration, comparison of predicted and measured results
·         Space environment and radiation effects
·         Calibration and testing
·         Standards and characterization of components and materials
·         IR/electro-optical system modeling and simulations

Instrument Observational Facilities

·         Planck Observatory
·         James Webb Space Telescope
·         SPICA Far-IR Facility
·         SAFIR Telescope
·         Darwin
·         SOFIA
·         HERSCHEL

Instruments and their Scientific Returns

·         Bolometers
·         Spectrometers
·         Imaging cameras
·         Photometers (multiband) 
·         Radiometers
·         Imaging and nonimaging interferometers
·         Microcameras

Remote Sensing

·         Earth resource mapping
·         Atmosphere and weather prediction
·         Space exploration
·         Remote calibration

Enabling Technologies

·         Sensor design          

·         Cold read-out electronics
·         Infrared materials

Infrared Telescopes for Earth Remote Sensing, Focal Plane Technology, and Detection Schemes

·         Near-IR detectors

·         IR detectors

·         Far-IR detectors

·         Sub-mm detectors

·         Focal plane layout and architecture. 

·         Autonomous sensors and wireless sensor networks for agro-environment applications, smart buildings, intelligent presentationtraffic systems, and body area networks

·         Cardiovascular measurements based on feet and hand interfaces

·         Engineering solutions for disabled people

·         Augmented and alternative communication

·         User interfaces for ambient control

·         Vital sign monitoring

·         Stress detection at the work place

·         Instrumentation methods based on impedance measurements, including spectroscopy and tomography

·         Electrolyte conductivity measurements based on resistive electrodes

·         Electrolyte conductivity sensors based on capacitive electrodes

·         Battery condition (State of charge (SoC) and State of health (SoH)) estimated from impedance and temperature measurements

·         Systems for shallow prospection applied to Archaeology, Civil Engineering and Environmental Assessment

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Sept. 20,  2017

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Sept. 30, 2017

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Nov.10, 2017


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