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Papers are solicited on the following and related topics:

Sensor   Technology

Distributed Parameter Systems

Accelerometers, Inclinometers   and Gyroscopes

Education and Training in Automatic Control and Systems

Acoustic Sensors

Fuzzy-logic and Artificial Neural Networks in Control Systems

Biological, Chemical Sensors,   Immunosensors

Industrial Automation


Information Control in Manufacturing

Electromagnetic Sensors

Instrument and sensor integration challenges and experiences

Gas Sensors

Intelligent Traffic Control

Humidity Sensors

Linear Control Systems

Infrared Sensors, Devices and   Thermography

Modeling and Control of Environmental Systems

Mechanical Sensors 

Network Control and Security


Non-linear Control Systems

Multi Sensor Fusion Technology

Optimal Control

Optical Fiber Sensors

Planned and required enabling technologies

Optical Sensors

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) 

Photonic Sensors

Robust Control

Polymer Materials for Sensors

Scientific objectives for future missions

Pressure Sensors

Scientific results for those missions that have flown

Radiation Sensors

Sensor technology challenges in meeting instrument   requirements

Remote Sensors and Telemetry


Robot Sensors

Web-enabled Manufacturing Control and Wireless Automation

Semiconductor Materials for   Sensors

Remote Sensing Fundamentals

Sensor Calibration

Calibration and testing

Sensor Interfacing and Signal   Conditioning

Fundamental limits to IR imaging

Smart and Intelligent Sensors


Temperature Sensors

Instrument calibration, comparison of predicted and measured   results

Virtual Sensors

IR/electro-optical system modeling and simulations

Instruments and Measuring   Technology

Radiometry and energy throughput

Acoustics and the Ultrasonic   Measurements

Space environment and radiation effects

Analog-to-Digital Converters

Standards and characterization of components and materials

Calibrations and Standards

Stray light considerations

Chemical Measurements

Instrument Observational Facilities

Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT


Digital and Mixed Signal   Processing


Distributed Measurements

James Webb Space Telescope

Environmental Measurements

Planck Observatory

Experimental Mechanics

SAFIR Telescope

Flow Measurements


Hardness Measurements

SPICA Far-IR Facility

Intelligent and Computer   Vision Instruments

Instruments and their Scientific Returns

Magnetic Measurements


Mathematical Tools for   Measurements

Imaging and nonimaging interferometers

Measurement in Robotics

Imaging cameras

Measurement of Electrical   Quantities


Measurement of Force, Mass,   Torque, Inclination and Acceleration

Photometers (multiband) 

Measurement of Geometrical   Quantities


Measurement of Human Functions


Measurement Systems

Remote Sensing

Measurements in Biology and   Medicine

Atmosphere and weather prediction

Methods of Measurements

Earth resource mapping

Metrology and Measurement   Science

Remote calibration

Metrology in Food and   Nutrition

Space exploration

Microwave Measurements

Enabling Technologies


Cold read-out electronics

Nondestructive Testing

Infrared materials

Optical and Radiation   Measurements

Sensor design 

Power and Energy Measurements

Infrared Telescopes for Earth Remote Sensing, Focal Plane   Technology, and Detection Schemes

Pressure and Vacuum   Measurements

Augmented and alternative communication

Quantum Measurements and   Photonics

Autonomous sensors and wireless sensor networks 

Reliability of Instrument and   Measurement Systems

Battery condition estimated from impedance and temperature   measurements

Scientific and Industrial   Instrumentation

Cardiovascular measurements based on feet and hand interfaces

Software Measurements

Civil Engineering and Environmental Assessment

Technical Diagnostics and   Testing

Electrolyte conductivity measurements based on resistive   electrodes

Temperature and Thermal   Measurements

Electrolyte conductivity sensors based on capacitive   electrodes

Time and Frequency   Measurements

Engineering solutions for disabled people

Vibration and Noise   Measurement

Far-IR detectors

Virtual Instruments and Data   Acquisition Systems

Focal plane layout and architecture. 

Waveform Analysis and   Measurements

Instrumentation methods based on impedance measurements

Automation and Control

IR detectors

Automated Manufacturing   Systems

Near-IR detectors

Biological and Medical Systems

Smart buildings ande intelligent presentationtraffic systems


Spectroscopy and tomography

Chemical Process Control

Stress detection at the work place

Components and Technologies   for Control

Sub-mm detectors

Computational Intelligence in   Control

Systems for shallow prospection

Computers for Control

User interfaces for ambient control

Control in Agriculture

Vital sign monitoring

Control System Modeling and   Simulation